Companies Management & Organisation

Historically our core business – seeking highly qualified professionals – brings us to first analyse the situation and the real needs of the client, prior to starting the search for and selection of the right person.

It is therefore natural that we share with our customers and candidates our experience gained over 20 years in various companies of different sizes, origins and industry sectors.

The interests of our clients ? Our contribution of expert and custom advice to their organisation, an external, neutral and fresh approach, devoid of any vested interest, brings another point of view which leads to reflection, then action for the positive development of their company.

A few examples of cooperation :

  • participation in the creation of the organisation chart of a telecom company
  • creation from scratch of two departments (finance and logistics) of a SME active in the field of luxury goods, defining each function, and then searching & selection for the best-suited employees
  • complete redefinition of the flow chart of a mid-size pharmaceutical firm
  • benchmarking/comparison in the functions and requirements for some of the staff of a Swiss insurance company and of a SME active in the arts

Our services in terms of recruitment and selection

“We are searching people for jobs, and not jobs for people.”

Everyone working in the HR professional area knows the above mentioned sentence. As an dedicaded partner focused on our clients, whether long-standing or new, we always sign first an exclusive mandate with a company before starting the search and selection process to find the right individual.

Our HR consulting firm specialises in finding new talents at TOP and MIDDLE MANAGEMENT levels, mainly for full-time positions.

Whether the search process is by direct approach (Executive Search) for the Top Managers, or by media advertising in Switzerland and abroad for the managers and qualified specialists of the Middle Management level, the selection process concerning files and candidates is extremely well organized, methodical, neutral and stringent.

Last but not least, all unsolicited offers are welcome as long as they are of the level required. Each application will be assessed according to current or future mandates, or else on potential interest. We will then propose, or not, to retain the candidate’s file.

Our advice in terms of advice and support to the top management

CEOs and SME owners often confront their various responsibilities alone. As the “Big Boss”, it is not easy to ask for in-house advice or support, whether it is from the chairperson, a member of the board or a colleague in management. Nowadays you do not open a business newspaper or magazine without finding an article about “Corporate Governance”, “Quality Management”, “Work Life Balance” or simply “social responsibility of the company” towards the employees or the environment.

But what spport is really offered to the CEO ? While some firms have integrated this problem into their culture and others even into the CEO’s contract, others (the majority) have done nothing, because of lack of time, insufficient knowledge or just because they do not know to whom to turn.

Target clients ?
– our services are directed at companies that wish to offer professional, personalised, neutral and consistent support to their CEO.

Who is our client ?
– the contract is established with the company, not the CEO, via the board of directors or chairperson.

Who is the beneficiary ?
– primarily the CEO or the company owner, but the service can also benefit other members of the senior management team (COO, CFO, HR Director, Plant Manager, …).

We are the Sparring Partner of the CEO, who can call on us at any time to discuss, reflect, take a step back, seek advice or confide in us on a professional or personal level. Both contractually and morally, he enjoys absolute confidentiality over our discussions, as no information about our exchanges is passed on to the company unless he expressly wishes to do so. Mirroring is therefore a genuine tripartite contract of trust between the company, the top manager and our consultancy firm.